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I always find it interesting how people come to Cape Cod.  For me it was my third year general surgery rotation in 1994 at Cape Cod Hospital that revealed what a gem Cape Cod Hospital was.  During this rotation I met my future partners and many of the surgeons who were my teachers are now my colleagues.


I have a particular passion for finding ways to treat my patients as minimally invasively as possible.  In fact most of my patients are treated without surgery.  However, when surgery is necessary I try to do so with the most advanced minimally invasive techniques possible.  My goal is to get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Over the past several years I have introduced endoscopic spine surgery to Massachusetts and have trained many surgeons not only from the US but from around the world as well.  I have lectured in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Argentina.  My instructional videos are used to train surgeons around the globe on endoscopic spine surgery and fusions. Lastly, I have lectured at Harvard, Dartmouth and University of California - San Francisco. 


Through these endeavors I have developed many friendships with surgeons from around the world that have made me realize we truly are one people.

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